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Услуги Секретариата

Secretarial Services


   - Secretarial services                                                    €30.00* / hour


   - Occasional telephone answering                               €2.00*/ call


   - Occasional fax reception (sent or received)               €1.50 /page


   - Photocopy (colour / black & white)                             €0,25 / page


   - All administrative formalities                                       on quotation


   - Registration  of Single-owner Ltd. Company               see "Business start up assistance"  


   - Resgistration of Ltd. Company                                    see "Business start up assistance"


   - Resgistration of Simplified joint-stock Company          see "Business start up assistance"


   - Resgistration of Real Estate Company                        see "Business start up assistance" 


   - Registering a branch of a foreign company                 see "Business start up assistance"


   - Adding of secondary establishment                            see "Business start up assistance"


   - Modification and registration of statutes                    see "Business start up assistance"


 - Transfer of registered office, etc.                                  see "Business start up assistance"





All these formalities can be made in the Business Formalities Centre (BFC) of the Trade Register

( Register of Paris, Province or  Overseas Departments, Tax Office) and in legal newspaper announcements.




T H I S   S I T E   I S   U N D E R   C O N S T R U C T I O N




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